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1. On my street there seems to be an excessive amount of speeding or other traffic problems. How do I request extra traffic enforcement?
2. I know of a traffic light that is not operating properly or a sign that is knocked down, who do I contact?
3. I have a suggestion to improve traffic safety in a particular area of the city. Who would I contact for that suggestion?
4. I received a ticket for a traffic violation, how do I take care of it?
5. What are the fines and points given for specific moving violations?
6. Upon my request, does a police officer have to show me the radar used to “clock” me?
7. Where can I get a copy of the traffic laws?
8. What should I do when I get involved in an accident?
9. What should I do if a police officer stops me in my car?
10. What are the parking ordinances and fines in the city of Midland?