Curbside Collection Rules and Regulations

The City’s Refuse Rules have been updated! Effective July 1, 2023, the following rules will take effect:

Curbside Collection Rules, Regulations & Fees

Below is the list of changes...
  • All refuse MUST be in tied bags to be collected – no loose trash is allowed in City bins or in personal trash cans. Businesses must use bag liners or have everything in tied bags for refuse collection.
  • We will not collect wet, decomposing yard waste bags.
  • If wet paint is spilled during collection the resident will be subject to a cleaning fee. The city only collects paint cans that are dry – wet paint must be dried out or soaked up before collection.
  • Each household is allowed one dump truck load during their monthly heavy item/ Brush pick up (< 10 cubic yards or two piles in your outlawn measuring 8 feet long by 4 feet wide by 4 feet tall). Homeowners will be billed for each additional truck load.
  • Heavy Items and Brush are put out at homeowner’s risk. Any damage to the outlawn by items or by City machinery used to collect the items is not guaranteed to be repaired by the City.
  • Tarp will be collected and disposed of if it is put out during heavy item pick up.
  • Loose soil, sod, large chunks of asphalt and concrete will not be collected curbside. Those items need to be taken to the landfill by the homeowner.
  • Twigs and brush shorter than 1 foot should be placed in a kraft paper bag or yard waste bin. They should not be put out for heavy item collection.
  • Brush that is long and tangled will result in a bill to the home owner at the cost of staff time and equipment costs.
  • Any refuse out of compliance will not be collected and may be subject to collection fees.
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