City Strive Awards

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About the Program

The City Strive Awards is an employee recognition program developed to encourage and recognize employees that strive to exceed our residents' expectations, exceed the highest standards of service to the community, and exemplify the City’s culture and values.

 Strive: “to make strenuous efforts toward any goal”

How It Works

City of Midland employees and residents are encouraged to nominate a City staff member for an award. To nominate an employee, click the button below or download a PDF form. Nominations can be made at any time.

Award recipients will be determined by a recognition committee comprised of members of the City's Wellbeing Task Force. For detailed information on each award category, keep reading!

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Award Announcements

The City Manager will award each recipient with a special City of Midland challenge coin to recognize their efforts in striving to make the City of Midland a better place to live and work. Award recipients will also be recognized in other ways, such as The City Scoop  employee newsletter and interdepartmental events.

Areas of Recognition

Above and Beyond seal

Above & Beyond Award

Recognition for distinct and extraordinary accomplishments that have made significant and identifiable successes or improvements for the citizens, especially when responding to citizens’ issues and concerns and during emergencies or other extreme circumstances.

Safety First seal


Safety First Award

Recognition for consistently exhibiting and promoting safe work practices and encouraging employee health and wellness by following safety policies, utilizing appropriate protective equipment, and striving to reduce risk and improve safety in the workplace.

Innovation seal

Innovation Award

Recognition of innovative and creative problem solving in response to unanticipated situations that result in improved customer service, efficiency in operations, or reduced expenditures.  

Teamwork seal

Teamwork Award

Recognition for fostering and participating in the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal, solve a problem, or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. 

Integrity and Professionalism seal

Integrity & Professionalism Award

Recognition for consistently demonstrating by word and action the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in all public and professional interactions and strives to achieve the trust and respect of citizens and employees. 

Respect and Inclusion seal

Respect & Inclusion Award

Recognition for consistently exhibiting and promoting respectful and inclusive behaviors in the delivery of services to citizens and in interactions with employees by striving to ensure that all voices are heard, all contributions are appreciated and all people feel valued. 

Stewardship seal

Stewardship Award

Recognition for the responsible and efficient use of tax dollars and/or as an effective manager and protector of our natural resources in a way that represents the best interests of the community and sustainability for the future. 

Service Excellence seal

Customer Service Excellence Award

Recognition for performing exceptional customer service for citizens that exceeds their expectations and enhances public perception of the City and/or exceptional internal customer service for co-workers and peers that enhances the quality and morale of the workplace.