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Appreciation of Beautification Award Nomination


  1. 1. Appreciation of Beautification Award Description
  2. 2. Appreciation of Beautification Awards Application
  • Appreciation of Beautification Award Description

    1. Introduction

      Thank you for nominating a property for the Appreciation of Beautification Awards! Please note that in order to qualify, homes must (1) Be in the city limits (2) Must not be FOR SALE any time during the nomination process (3) Can not have won in the past 5 years and (4) Cannot be a committee member. For any questions, please contact Parks and Recreation at or by phone at 989-837-6930. You can also look up additional information on properties in the City by accessing our GIS system at

    3. Landscaping Accomplishment (Residential and Non Residential)
      Nominations in this category are for landscaping of a property. The landscaping must be readily visible to the public. Landscaping seen from parks, right-of-ways, etc. are acceptable.
    4. Structural/Site Improvements (Residential and Non Residential)
      Nominations in this category shall be considered primarily for completed projects. This award is for exterior improvements. The committee is interested in structures and site that have been restored to an aesthetically pleasing condition. A photograph showing "before" should be included in this category if available.