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Community Message Board Submission Form

  1. Midland County residents and non-profits can use this form to submit text-based messages for airing on MCTV's Community Message Board. The message board is available 24/7 on Charter Spectrum Channel 189, Uverse Channel 99, and online.

    Per the City of Midland’s Code of Ordinances, to submit a message for airing on Midland Community Television a person must:

    • Be a resident of the County of Midland OR represent a non-profit organization within Midland County (ID Required).
    • Abide by the rules and regulations of MCTV.
    • Pay a non-refundable $25 Access User Fee, renewable yearly.

    MCTV will not edit messages. Messages must be completed according to the following guidelines in order to be posted:

    • Messages may run for a maximum of 14 days (NO RESUMES). Start date will be set at 14 days prior to stop date.
    • Messages may be up to 6 lines long and up to 25 characters per line including punctuation and spaces. Do not break words at the end of a line.
    • Ticket and admission prices are permitted on the message board. If your activity is generating funds, indicate how the funds will be used
    • Messages may be posted to MCTV’s Facebook page for additional promotion.

  2. Access User Information

  3. Message Information

    Your community message may contain up to six (6) lines, 25 characters per line. Please enter the message below, line by line.

  4. Please type your name in the box below to indicate you have read the requirements listed above and agree to follow MCTV's rules and regulations for community messages.

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