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Permanent Absentee Application List Form

  1. About this form:

    Registered voters who wish to automatically receive an application to vote by absentee ballot for all future elections can sign up to join the Permanent Absentee Application List. Joining the list allows you to receive an application in the mail 60 days before for each election. Signing up for the Permanent Absentee Application List is fast, easy, and will save you time previously spent waiting in line or contacting the Clerk's Office.

    Once you receive your application, simply complete the application, return it to the City Clerk's Office, and then wait for your absentee ballot to arrive in the mail. Ballots are typically available 45 days before each election. On the list but don’t want or have the time to vote absentee for an election? Simply throw the application away and head to the polls on Election Day.

  2. Please note: Phone number and/or email address will only be used to contact you if there is an issue with your ballot (i.e. missing signature, undeliverable address, etc.).
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