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  1. Application for Handbill Distributor's License

    Handbills are printed sheets or pamphlets distributed by hand.

  2. CENTERpiece Mural Project Inquiry Form

    Complete this form to participate in the CENTERpiece Mural Project by hosting, sponsoring, or both hosting and sponsoring a mural.

  1. Center City Authority Commercial Corridor Façade Improvement Program Application

    Please complete the form below to submit your project for Center City Façade Improvement Program funding. For more information on... More…

  2. Freedom of Information Act Request Form

Downtown Development Authority

  1. 2019 Downtown Sculpture Series Sponsorship Application

    Please complete the form to submit your sponsorship application for the 2019 Downtown Sculpture Series: Tee'd Up Downtown.

  2. Center City Authority Facade

    Commercial Corridor Facade Improvement Program Application

  1. Center City Authority Board Application

    The Center City Authority Board oversees the South Saginaw Road/Ashman Circle commercial corridor (Center City) from Manor Drive to... More…

  2. Downtown Development Authority Board Application

    The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is a body created under the authority of P.A. 197 of 1975, as amended, for the purposes of... More…


  1. Grace A. Dow Memorial Library Safety Suggestions

    Use this form to send suggestions to the Library Safety Committee.

  2. Return OverDrive eBook

    Use this form to submit a request to have an eBook that you have checked out be returned early.

  1. Library Room Rental Inquires

    Use this form to submit inquiries regarding room rental at the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Beautification Advisory Committee Application

    This committee is a subset of the Parks and Recreation Commission, and oversees two major projects annually - the Make Midland... More…

  2. Horticulture Volunteer Form

    Form for residents to volunteer for horticulture

  3. Parks & Recreation Special Event Application

    An event application for event requests that will happen in parks in the City of Midland.

  4. Tunes by the Tridge

    Please use this form to submit bands for Tunes by the Tridge.

  1. Donation and Partnership Program

    Fill out this form to donate or partner with the parks and recreation department!

  2. Miracle League Participation Interest

    Do you want to get involved? Are you interested in donating or does someone you want to get involved as a buddy or most importantly as... More…

  3. Santa Calling Volunteer Form

    Midland Parks and Recreation (and the children of Midland) need your assistance! We are looking for Midland’s finest gentlemen to... More…

  4. Wedding

    A form for potential inquiries for weddings in the parks.


  1. Residential Property Check

    Midland Police Department will check your property when you are away on vacation or business. Please submit this form at least 24 hours... More…

Special Programs

  1. Citizens Academy Application - 2020

    The City of Midland Citizens Academy is a 10-week course that gives our residents an up-close-and-personal look at City government.... More…

  1. Event Application-Non Park Events

    Application for events in the City of Midland.

Volunteer Forms

  1. Horticulture Volunteer Form

    Fill out the form below, then hit the Submit button to send to the City Horticulturist, who will contact you to discuss volunteer... More…

Water Department

  1. Irrigation Service Activation

    Use this form to request that the Water Department turn on your irrigation service or to notify the Water Department that you will be... More…

  2. Water / Sewer Service Activation Request

    Use this form to request to have the water / sewer service account put into your name either by having it turned on at the street or... More…

  3. Water / Sewer Service Temporary Requests

    Use this form to request temporary shut off of your service if you will be away for an extended period of time or to reactivate your... More…

  1. Irrigation Service Deactivation

    Use this form to request that the Water Department turn off your irrigation service or to notify the Water Department that you will be... More…

  2. Water / Sewer Service Deactivation Request

    Use this form to request to have the water / sewer service taken out of your name by transferring it to another party or having the... More…


  1. Website Help Request

    Having problems or suggestions with CivicPlus? Send a message to the Web Oversite Committee.