How can I prevent and/or solve sewer backup problems?

Grease and items not intended for sewer disposal should not be put down the drain. If such items go down the drain, contact a sewer cleaner or plumber to remove them.

Tree roots, a common cause of sewer problems, will grow deeper and farther into the ground to find a water and nutrient source. Sewer pipes installed prior to the 1980s were typical of the clay pipe style, which can allow roots to access and disrupt the wastewater flow in your sewer. A root cutter can be utilized to correct this problem.

Once again, we recommend contracting with a sewer cleaner or plumber to correct this problem, as most homeowners will generally not be familiar with or have the equipment needed to perform the work. For the do-it-yourselfer who would prefer trying to correct the problem on his / her own, this type of equipment may be rented from a local vendor.

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