There is a vehicle parked on my business or personal property that is not mine. What can I do about it?
You may call a wrecker company to remove a vehicle from residential property that is obviously part of a single or dual family residence.

In order for a vehicle to be removed from other forms of private property (i.e., an apartment complex or business like Meijers), signs must be prominently displayed at the vehicular entrance to the property. If the property lacks curbs or access barriers, at least one sign must be posted for each 100 feet of road frontage. The notice must contain letters not less than 2 inches high on a contrasting background. It must state that unauthorized vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense. The notice must provide the name and phone number of the towing service responsible for removing vehicles from that property. The bottom of the notice must be located not less than 4 feet from the ground, and continuously maintained on the property for not less than 24 hours before a vehicle is towed or removed.

Additionally, if the vehicle is hampering the use of private property by being parked in a manner which impedes the movement of other vehicles, it may be towed.

The only involvement of the police would be to check for a “suspicious” or stolen vehicle.

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