Why does the Fire Department come when I call for an ambulance?

Midland firefighters are trained and equipped to handle a wide variety of emergency medical calls and currently we are certified at the Basic Life Support (BLS) level.  By being licensed as a BLS agency it allows us to perform basic and intermediate airway procedures along with administering basic medications.  Fire Department personnel can typically be at your door before an EMS ambulance.

Additionally, MidMichigan Medical Center’s (MMRC) ambulance service has a larger area to serve – they aid people throughout Midland County, whereas the Fire Department serves primarily the city of Midland. Also, MMRC’s ambulance service transfers patients to other hospitals. Midland Fire Department personnel can begin life-saving treatments before an ambulance arrives on the scene of an emergency. This quicker response can lessen the effects of catastrophic injury or illness and lead to faster recovery time for those who experience critical illness.

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