Ward, Precinct, and Polling Location Information

City Ward and Precinct Realignment

As a result of the 2020 Census and reapportionment by Midland County, it is necessary to reapportion the wards and precincts for the City of Midland. The first step was realign the ward boundaries in relation to the new County Commissioner Districts and balance the wards so that they are as equal in population as practicable using Census data. The next step in the process was to realign the precincts within the newly proposed ward boundaries. All City precinct numbers were changed in 2022 following the 2020 Federal Census during redistricting and reapportionment. Following adoption of the Ward and Precincts Ordinances, the next step was to assign polling locations for the new precincts. 

Polling Location Information

You can now use your voter registration address to look up your polling location in the City using our interactive GIS page. On this interactive site you can simply input your voter registration address to determine your precinct number, polling location, directions to the location, and hours of operation on Election Day. 

If you are unsure of your registered address or need to update this information, please visit the Michigan Voter Information Center or contact the City of Midland Clerk's Office for more information at (989)-837-3310. 

Interactive Ward and Precinct Map

Below is the updated interactive Ward and Precinct Map displaying the Wards and Precincts as they were realigned in January 2022. You can click on each precinct to learn the precinct's Ward, City Council representative and their contact information, and the polling location and address for that precinct. 

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