Check Out Periods

Loan Periods

Loan periods vary from 4 days to 28 days. The library has a 4 day grace period on overdue materials (except videos, DVDs, Book Express and most material loaned from another library). If you return your materials within this period you will not be fined. A printed receipt will list the due dates of your library materials. Or check your account online. Checkout periods are as follows:

Loan Period
Item Type
4 Weeks
Most items, children's magazines
2 Weeks
New books, adult CDs, adult magazines, holiday materials, circulating encyclopedias, maps, pamphlets, and other high demand items
1 Week
Nonfiction videos, and book express items, feature and children's videocassettes and DVDs older than 6 months
4 Days
New DVDs (first 6 months after received in the library)