Application Process

Thank you for your interest in applying for an apartment at either Riverside Place or Washington Woods senior living communities.

The following information will direct you to the forms and information utilized in the application process. If at any time you should have questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact the staff at Washington Woods (989-837-3494) or Riverside Place (989-837-3535).

How to Apply for Residency at Washington Woods or Riverside Place

Complete the Following Two Forms

Applicant Information

This two-page form is used to ascertain general information about the applicant and their current housing and income situation.

Applicants who do not wish to disclose financial information and who are willing to pay the Market Rent for an apartment do not need to fill in any of the financial questions. These applicants must, however, sign a Waiver of Disclosure form (explained below).

Preference Sheet

This form indicates the preferences you have in regard to community, apartment type and meal choices.

Once completed, return forms to Washington Woods or Riverside Place.

Additional Forms

Savings / Investments Verification Form

This Form needs to be forwarded to your bank or savings institution and your pension and/or disability department for completion before returning to your community of choice. Please sign the Savings / Investments Verification Form and include your social security number, then send to all financial institutions with which you do business. They will complete the bottom portion of the form and return it to your community of choice as verification of your savings and/or investments.

If you do not wish to disclose financial information and are willing to pay Market Rent for an apartment, you may forgo this form by completing a Waiver of Disclosure form (explained below).

Income Verification Form

Send the Income Verification Form to the office that provides any pension or retirement payments (other than Social Security or Supplemental Security Income) for them to complete and forward to your community of choice.  For Social Security and Supplemental Security Income, please provide the previous and current year's benefit letters.

Waiver of Disclosure

If you prefer not to disclose personal information regarding your savings and income on the forms above, complete a Waiver of Disclosure form. By signing the Waiver of Disclosure, you are agreeing to pay the Market Rent for your apartment while living at Washington Woods or Riverside Place.

Wait Lists

Once all of the application documents are received, the information is processed and your name is added to a waiting list. You will receive a letter confirming this. Placement on the wait list is according to application date. Applicants 55 years and older are eligible to apply; however, those 62 years and older will receive priority placement on the list. Please contact the living community to which you have applied for updates once you have been placed on a wait list.

*This PDF form can be downloaded by clicking on the links above, or you may contact the Washington Woods at 989-837-3494 or Riverside Place Office at 989-837-3535 to obtain a hard copy form.