Emergency Repair Loans

Zero-Interest, Deferred Payment for Emergency Repairs

Increases in the cost of living make it increasingly difficult for some homeowners to finance emergency repairs to their property. The City of Midland's Emergency Housing Rehabilitation program provides financial assistance for emergency repairs that will improve the safety and well being of residents occupying unsafe dwelling units. Examples of such repairs include leaking roofs, non-working furnaces or hot water heaters, to name a few.

Emergency repair loans are made available through federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding.

A zero-interest, deferred-payment loan is a loan bearing no interest and on which you make no payments. These loans are funded by the CDBG program and administered by the City of Midland. The loan is secured by a mortgage note and a promissory note. It is repayable when the property is sold or if the loan recipient no longer lives on the premises.


  1. You must have owned and occupied your residence for 30 days prior to application.
  2. The following information must be submitted:
    • A completed application form
    • A completed “Household Debt and Expenses” Worksheet
    • Disclosure of Assets
    • Verification of income for everyone in the household who is employed
    • A complete copy of the most current Federal and Michigan Income Tax forms (two years if self-employed), including all schedules and W-2 forms
    • Proof of ownership of the property

Property Eligibility

  1. The property must have been within the City of Midland boundaries as of the previous July 1.
  2. The property must be owned and occupied by the borrower as a permanent year-round residence.
  3. The borrower must have occupied the residential structure to be improved for at least thirty days prior to the date of application.
  4. The property to be improved must be a permanent single-family structure. Mobile homes and trailers are not eligible.
  5. If the property to be improved is being purchased on a land contract, the land contract seller must be a co-signer on the deferred payment loan mortgage.
  6. The property must have a minimum of 1 code violation to be eligible.
  7. An individual may obtain a loan for improvements to a condominium unit. However, the improvements must be for that portion of the unit not owned in common by the condominium association.


These loans are for health and safety-related repairs only. Funds shall not be applied toward any work begun or completed before the date of the deferred payment loan mortgage.

How to Apply for a Loan

The application process begins when the homeowner contacts the City of Midland Housing Department at 989-837-3374. You will be screened for income level, location of property, and property ownership. If you seem to meet the requirements of the program, your name and mailing address will be added to our list. You will be sent an application when the application period becomes open. Application periods will be determined by the City of Midland Housing Department, according to available funds.

Applications will be processed based on the date of the approved application, except in cases where there is an imminent threat to health or safety.