Community Messages

Any resident or non-profit organization of the City or County of Midland may submit a message for airing on Midland Community Television Cable Channel 189 message board, provided they have filled out an access user form (PDF) and paid an annual $25 user fee. Once the annual fee has been paid, you will receive a User ID, which must be included on the form.


In addition, the following directions and guidelines must be read and adhered to in order to use the online form.

Directions / Guidelines

Frequency of Messages

The number of messages cablecast on the message board by 1 organization may be limited on an as-needed basis by MCTV. Please limit the amount of messages entered in 1 week's time. Staff retains the right to spread the entering of large amounts of messages from 1 organization over a week's time period. Dated messages have priority.

Opinion Messages

If you are submitting an "editorial" or "opinion" message, the source of the message (e.g., your name or the organization you represent) must be included in the message. Separate sections of the message board will be used to display opinion and thank you messages.

Fund Raising

If your message promotes a fundraising activity, the person or entity that benefits from the fundraiser must be specified on the form. You may announce ticket and admission prices. If your activity is generating funds, please indicate how the funds will be used.

Message / Form Details

Each message runs for a maximum of 14 days. The form must be filled out according to instructions; MCTV does not make edits to content. Forms can be post-dated to start up to a year from the date that MCTV receives them.

Filling Out the Form

Your announcement may be a maximum of 150 characters: 1 letter, 1 number, 1 punctuation mark, or 1 space constitutes 1 character. You will know you have reached the maximum number of characters allowed when you can no longer input letters, numbers, punctuation, or spaces.

To start filling out the form place your cursor in the first form field (Name / Contact Person) and begin typing. To advance to the next field, simply hit the "Tab" key. Do not hit the "Enter" key to advance to the next form field, as this will send the form to MCTV more than once.

If you would like a copy of the completed form, print out the confirmation page that appears after you've pressed the "Submit" button.