Insurance Information

A current, up-to-date insurance policy could be the most important single component of recovering from a fire loss. A number of different coverages are available, such as homeowner's, tenant's or condominium owner's insurance policies.

After a fire loss, a basic but critical responsibility of insured homeowners would be to immediately contact your insurance company or agent about the loss. Your insurance company / agent should have a detailed list of steps to take in assessing damage and loss to property and personal items.

Fire Report

Your insurance company / agent may request a copy of the fire report created after a fire incident on your property. If the Midland Fire Department responded to the fire on your property, you may request one free copy of the report from the fire department. Call the department at 989-837-3410 during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.) for more details on how to obtain your free report.

Restoration Services

Your insurance company / agent can often recommend fire damage restoration experts or fire damage service companies in the area who can help with things like removing smoke odor from clothing, wallpaper and furniture; refurbishing leather and books; and removal of water and soot from your property, to name a few.

Restoration or fire damage service companies can also:

  • Help secure a site against further damage
  • Estimate and repair structural damage
  • Estimate the cost to repair or renew personal property items
  • Pack, transport and/or store household items
  • Secure appropriate cleaning or repair subcontractors
  • Store repaired items until needed

It is important to coordinate with your insurance adjuster before contracting for any services.


If you are not insured, your recovery from a fire loss most likely will be dependent upon your own resources. Private organizations that can possibly provide help include the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. You also could talk with your church or synagogue and/or local civic groups that may have programs to assist in the recovery process.

If you need to contact a fire damage restoration company, it is recommended that you consult the Yellow Pages.