Annual Fire Safety Inspections

The Midland Fire Department conducts annual fire safety inspections of commercial and general assembly occupancies.

Inspections are performed by engine companies (made up of a Fire Department lieutenant, a fire truck operator and one or more firefighters) and the department's one Fire Marshal. Complaints are addressed by the Fire Marshal or a Fire Department Lieutenant or Battalion Chief. Occupancies inspected include restaurants, factories, mercantile and public buildings.

Possible exits and the paths taken to reach them, fire extinguishers, electrical systems, emergency lighting and sprinkler systems are just some of the items examined. Violations are noted, and a time frame is given to the owner or occupant to make the required corrections before a re-inspection is conducted.

The Fire Marshal works closely with the City's Planning and Building departments to review plans for new construction and remodeling projects. Issues such as Fire Department access, water supply, exits, alarm systems, emergency lighting, suppression systems, hazardous materials and fire safe construction are evaluated. Building inspections and systems tests are conducted during construction and prior to occupancy to ensure all fire code requirements are met.