Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrant Clearance

Can you find the fire hydrant near your home or business? If not, it could be obscured by bushes, trees, landscaping, or snow and ice. If a fire were to occur, firefighters would have to waste time probing bushes, foliage, or snow and ice for a hydrant, then hack their way to it. By the time water supply was established, the effective period for an initial attack on the fire would be long past.

Clearance Codes

The fire code places the responsibility for fire hydrant clearance on the property owner. Vegetation, landscaping, and snow and ice are to be maintained at all times so as not to impede the clear visibility of the hydrant from all directions. Furthermore, a minimum clearance of 3 feet must be maintained around the hydrant to allow safe operation by fire personnel.

Personal Safety

Your safety and the safety of your neighbors is important to the Midland Fire Department. For more information, contact Midland Fire at 989-837-3410, and be sure to watch the YouTube video on this page.