Discounted Detroit Red Wings Tickets

Redwings Tickets

Midland Parks and Recreation offers discounted Detroit Red Wing tickets for select season games through a partnership with the Michigan Recreation and Park Association (mParks). Cost includes one ticket for admission and there may be additional perks based upon the individual game. There is no limit on the number of tickets that may be purchased at the discounted rate. Please use the code mparks when checking out.

Flyers for Red Wings Tickets

2019 Group Tickets

Date Time Cost Opponent
Fri., Oct. 25 7:30pm $79/$49 Buffalo Sabres
Sunday Oct. 27 5:00pm $79/$49 St. Louis Blues
Monday, Nov. 4 7:30pm $59/$29 Nashville Predators
Tuesday, Nov. 19 7:30pm $59/$29 Ottawa Senators
Sunday, Dec. 15 7:00pm $59/$29 Los Angeles Kings
Tuesday, Jan. 7 7:30pm $69/$39 Montreal Canadiens
Tuesday, Feb. 18 7:30pm $69/$39 Montreal Canadiens
Monday, Mar. 2 7:30pm $59/$29 Colorado Avalanche