Assessing Maps

Michigan law requires that the City of Midland have maps of all properties within Midland's City limits so that properties can be easily identified and located for tax valuation purposes. Assessing maps also help citizens figure out property lines and dimensions of particular parcels of land in the City.

Master Assessing Map of Midland

Maps of parcels within Midland are provided on this website, and hard copies can be viewed at the Assessor's Office, which is located:

  • Midland City Hall
    333 W Ellsworth Street
    2nd Floor
    Midland, MI 48640

To help identify a particular parcel of land in Midland, the City of Midland has created an online Master Assessing Map of the entire City. From this map, you can locate parcels on smaller area maps using a property's Parcel Identification Number (PIN).


PINs are located on property tax bills or the assessment change notices that the City Assessor's Department sends out each February. PINs can also be found on the City of Midland Property Information Website.

Viewing Online Assessing Maps

Follow these instructions to view assessing maps of Midland:

PIN Not Known

Using the Master Assessing Map of Midland, select the area of the City closest to the parcel you are looking for.

Each light blue-lined shape on the Master Assessing Map represents a section of the City. These sections are marked according to the township and section number portion of that area's PIN. For example, on the Master Assessing Map, if you clicked on the gray shape labeled "14-03", you could access multiple maps in Section 3 (represented by the number "03") of Midland Township (represented by the number "14").

Selecting a section link will lead you to a list of maps representing 80-acre parcels of land in that section of the City. The maps further break out land divisions, showing lot and property lines, flood plain areas, and subdivision plat lines (as applicable). These smaller maps are identified by the township, section and 80-acre parcel code of a property's PIN. For example, the individual map 14-03-70 shows land in Midland Township (14), Section 3 (03), on parcel 70 (70).

Browse each individual map - saved in PDF format - until you have located the parcel you are looking for.

PIN is Known

Simply scroll down this page and click on the appropriate PIN link (shown in purple) to view individual maps of all land sections in Midland. Individual maps are identified by the section, township and 80-acre parcel code of a property's PIN. For example, the individual map 14-03-70 shows land in Midland Township (14), in Section 3 (03), on parcel 70 (70).

To further help you locate a particular property in Midland, maps listed are grouped according to school districts.

Legend for Individual Maps

View a legend in PDF format that explains the meaning of text and elements on each individual assessing map. This sample map and legend can be printed out and used as a handy reference guide when viewing City of Midland assessing maps.

Printing Out Individual Maps

Nearly all of the PDF maps linked below fit on an 8.5-inch by 14-inch (or legal-sized) sheet of paper. To print onto standard letter-sized (or 8.5-inch by 11-inch) paper, simply select the "Fit to Page" option in the Adobe PDF Print dialog box before hitting the Print button.