Calls Received by Department

Types of Calls
The following are types of calls to which the Midland Fire Department could be asked to respond. These call types are based upon the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS).
  • Fire / Explosion - This includes all calls concerned with actual burning or explosions. This category includes fires in buildings and vehicles as well as brush fires, refuse fires and fires in spilled fuel.
  • Automatic Fire Alarm - These calls are triggered by an automated alarm system detecting smoke or heat, or that is manually activated (pull station).
  • Rescue - These calls are related to removing people from dangerous situations including extrication from crushed vehicles or machinery, removal from the water or ice, searching for lost persons and assisting people who are locked in a structure or vehicle.
  • Medical - These calls include emergency medical situations like, heart attacks, strokes, and lack of respiration or occasions when people need a medical assist such as a fall without injury where someone needs help getting up.
  • Hazardous Condition - These are situations of spills or leaks without ignition, excessive heat conditions, power lines down, aircraft emergencies, chemical emergencies and overpressure situations causing pipe or container ruptures.
  • Service - These calls involving people being locked out of structures, removing water from structures, assisting the police, checking unauthorized burning, smoke and odor investigations and steam or other vapor mistaken for smoke.
  • False Alarm - These are alarm calls where no emergency situation exists such as malicious mischief, a bomb scare, alarm system malfunction or unintentional alarms.
  • Other - These calls not otherwise classified. These are usually responses discontinued before arrival on the scene.