Drainage, Flooding, Sewer & Reviews

Sewer Lead Locations

The Engineering Department keeps records of sewer connections into most homes in the City. If you would like to know where the sewer pipe leaves your home, crosses your yard and discharges into the sewer main in the street, you can find out on your property's sewer location card. These cards show the location of the sewer lead piping from the house to the City sewer main in the middle of the street.

New Connections

When new connections or alterations are made to a home, Engineering Department staff inspect the work to verify that the pipes are installed at the proper grades and that the connections are made properly. City staff also record measurements on the pipe location, this information is used to update sewer card records. These records are then available to homeowners when and if problems occur in the future.

Sewer Location Cards

Sewer location cards are on file in the Engineering Department. Property owners can stop in and pick up a copy of their card, or it can be faxed or emailed. Call the Engineering Department at 989-837-3348 to find out more.

Yard Drainage / Flooding Problems

Occasionally, storm water runoff from a yard can flow onto an adjoining property. The storm water can be a nuisance for the homeowner and can usually be directed into the City storm sewer system.

The Engineering Department can evaluate the drainage patterns of storm water across a given area and make recommendations on how property owners can fix the problem. This is usually accomplished by burying pipes to carry the excess water to the City's storm sewer system. Sometimes, these types of situations can be avoided by following some suggestions offered by the Wastewater Department. The department provides tips on how you can help reduce flooding due to rainfall or snow melt.

New Subdivisions & Commercial Development Reviews

Construction and design of all new subdivision streets and utilities are reviewed and inspected by the Engineering Department. This includes all public utilities that are constructed within private commercial developments.

The Engineering Department also acquires real estate and public easements across private properties for the construction of public infrastructure such as new streets.

Department Reviews

The Engineering Department will review requests for new sewers, water mains, and streets in accordance with the Public Improvements section of this website. All proposed development projects must also be reviewed by the Planning and Community Development Department.