Sidewalk Installation

Sidewalk Repairs

Sidewalk repair requests may be made to the Department of Public Services. An easy-to-use online form for submitting your repair request is available.

New Sidewalk Requests

Requests for the City to install new sidewalks where none exist may be submitted to the Engineering Department by the November 1st public improvements deadline, or until early February of each year (the specific February date will be communicated on this website each year as the date nears). Each March, the City Council reviews all submitted new sidewalk and public improvement requests and determines which projects will be included in the following fiscal year budget.

Online City Resources

  • To find out how to submit your sidewalk request, visit the Public Improvement requests webpage.
  • Watch the City's Press Release web page for the sidewalk request deadline for each year.

Sidewalk Installation by the Property Owner

Sidewalks are typically installed by a contractor working for the City of Midland. However, property owners may install their own sidewalks upon request.

Prior to starting any sidewalk installation project, property owners or the licensed contractor(s) they hire to do the work must obtain a sidewalk permit. Contractors must be licensed through the City of Midland City Clerk's Office.

Sidewalk Standards

All sidewalks must be constructed in accordance with the location, grades and specifications outlined by the Engineering Department. The department determines the sidewalk location and keeps records of the dimensions and locations of all sidewalks in the City. Construction requirements related to the installation of sidewalks can be obtained from the Engineering Department in City Hall.