Special Refuse Items

Collected Items

These items are also collected on your weekly refuse collection day, but require special preparation for collection.

Dried latex paint in cans

Used motor oil and antifreeze
Label & place separately in a tightly sealed, non-leaking container
Animal waste
Place in a plastic bag and then put into a paper outer bag and label "animal waste". Place next to weekly refuse container for collection
Broken glass and light bulbs
Label & place separately in a puncture-proof cardboard box or can with a secure lid
Needles and syringes
Label & place in a separate hard plastic or metal container with a secure lid
Ashes, sawdust & drywall dust
Double bag, label, & place separately
Fluorescent bulbs
Wrap in newspaper or put in bulb sleeve and place separately

Collected Items

Item Preparation
Dried latex paint in cans Remove lid or punch holes in can; place separately at curb on your weekly refuse collection day

Items Not Collected

  • Cardboard boxes larger than 3 ft. 3 ft. - these larger pieces can be flattened and put out for monthly heavy item collection
  • Car parts and batteries
  • Chemicals & household hazardous materials (call for information)
  • Dead animals
  • Explosives and live ammunition
  • Hot ashes
  • Liquid paint
  • Refuse bins and containers with item sticking out of the container (lids must close)
  • Refuse in containers without handles, such as grocery bags, wheelbarrows, barrels, boxes
  • Refuse that is frozen to the can or bin

Household Hazardous Materials

Midland's Sanitary Landfill serves as the site of the Midland County Health Department's Household Hazardous Materials Collection program. Through this program, residents of Midland County can dispose of hazardous materials such as oil-based paint, paint thinner, pesticides, fertilizers, cleaning products, aerosols, old gas/oil mixtures, to name a few. Call the Midland County Health Department at 832-6681 for make an appointment to drop off items.

Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas trees are collected and recycled during the first two weeks of January on your weekly refuse collection day. After this collection period, trees can be placed at the curb for monthly heavy item and brush collection. To prepare trees for collection - remove stands, ornaments, tinsel, garland, and plastic tree bags.