Fast Facts About Midland's Street System

Amazing Maze of Streets & Utilities

The City's street system is comprised of:

  • 152 miles of local streets
  • 78 miles of major streets
  • 16 miles of State of Michigan highways

The City's utility system is comprised of:

  • 460 miles of water main
  • 228.56 miles of sanitary sewer
  • 196 miles of storm sewer
Construction workers maintain underground pipes.

Some of the oldest sewers in the City were constructed as far back as 1884.

Street Plans

The Engineering Department maintains records of all public utility locations on all streets within the City of Midland. Detailed street plans show where the street, water mains and sanitary and storm sewers are located within the public street right-of-way (which includes public streets, sidewalks, and the out lawn area). Every year when work is done on a particular street, the plan is updated.

Some of the City's street maps date back to the 1880s. They can be viewed in the Engineering Department, located:
Midland City Hall
333 W Ellsworth Street
2nd Floor
Midland, MI 48640