Footing Drain Disconnection Program 

What is it? 

A footing drain is a series of pipes around and under your home that moves groundwater and stormwater away from your foundation to prevent it from entering your home. Prior to 1987, homes in Midland were often built to connect their footing drains to the sanitary sewer system. The result: 1) The City's sanitary sewer system becoming overwhemled with water that shouldn't be there, particularly during heavy rain events, which causes sewer back-ups into homes; and 2) the Wastewater Treatment Plant unnecessarily treating clean storm water, which increases wear-and-tear on plant equipment, and increased operational costs, which result in higher rates for utility payers.

A footing drain disconnection program (FDDP) aims to remove clean water from the sanitary sewer system by removing the existing connection between a home's footing drains and the sanitary sewer and redirecting that water to the storm sewer system.

The City of Midland has proposed a footing drain disconnection program for two neighborhoods as part of its Concept 5 Sewer Improvement Plan. (Get more information on that program here.)

Which homes are included in the program?

Approximately 300 homes in the Moorland and Whitewood neighborhoods are included in this potential program due to sewer flow data collected, modeling done, and experiences with sewer back-ups. 

Click the images below to view larger versions of each map, which include an estimated timeline for work.

Whitewood Neighborhood

Whitewood - Updated Phasing July 2022 Opens in new window

Moorland Neighborhood

Moorland FDD Program - 2022 Opens in new window

Read or watch: Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Footing Drain Disconnection Program? We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that can help you better understand how the program works, why it's being proposed, and why your participation is so ciritcal to its success. 

Watch the video or click this link to read the FAQ document.

Neighborhood meetings were held in August and September 2021 with similar information provided at those meetings, We recommend reviewing these materials above, as some information may have changed.

Latest updates: Impacted Property Survey,  July 25 City Council Special Meeting

In June/July 2022, the City of Midland sent an informational packet and survey information to residences in the Moorland and Whitewood pumping districts to gauge interest in participation in the FDDP program. In total, 207 homeowners responded to the survey either online or by returning a physical survey. The responses for each question by neighborhood are located in the tables below.

Question 3: Would you be willing to participate in a footing drain disconnection program to eliminate sanitary sewer back-ups from homes in your neighborhood?

Question 5: Would you be willing to participate in a footing drain disconnection program to avoid paying a $95/month surcharge on your water/sewer bill?

Moorland District
Question 3Question 5
Yes: 32Yes: 31
No: 30No: 27
Maybe: 20Maybe: 17
Unsure: 22Unsure: 27
Total responses: 104

Whitewood District
Question 3Question 5
Yes: 31Yes: 38
No: 25No: 22
Maybe: 20Maybe: 12
Unsure: 24Unsure: 27
Total responses: 103

Total Yes/Maybe/Unsure: 72,7%
Total No: 26.3%

The results of this survey and additional information, including a revised phasing plan for the Whitewood neighborhood, were discussed during a City Council special meeting on Monday, July 25. The entire meeting can be viewed above.

View results of the FDDP survey (online survey only - PDF)
Click here to download the presentation (PDF)

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