Community Relations (CRO)


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Crime Prevention & Safety

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Community Relations Officer

The Midland Police Department's Community Relations Officer serves as a liaison between city law enforcement and the community, and is responsible for designing and implementing community programming in the areas of crime prevention, personal safety and neighborhood protection.

If you would like an officer to speak to your group or organization or you would like a tour of the Law Enforcement Center, contact Officer Paul McDonald at 989-839-4748.

Community Relations Office

The goal of the Community Relations Office is to involve the community in crime prevention and public safety through communication, training and education. We offer several programs and services that work towards this goal. Programs such as the Neighborhood Watch, Crime Stoppers, and Youth Law Enforcement Academy offer citizens an opportunity to get involved in the crime prevention and public safety process.

The Community Relations Office offers a variety of presentations to help educate and inform the community, and is available for speaking engagements for community and civic organizations on a variety of police-related topics.