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Election Inspectors ensure free and fair elections for all and our democracy needs election workers more than ever. Serving as an Election Inspector is a paid position and requires training and certification. Election Inspectors cannot be a challenger, candidate, member of candidate's immediate family, or a member of the local Board of Canvassers. Anyone convicted of a felony or an election crime may not serve as an Election Inspector. 

Apply to be an Election Inspector

If you are interested in becoming an Election Inspector for the City of Midland please review the Election Inspector Job Descriptions and complete the application below (along with the W-4 and MI-W4 forms), print, sign, and return by mail, e-mail, or in person to the City Clerks Office. Please note, the application MUST be physically written and signed in your own writing and you are required to select a political party affiliation in order to qualify. 

Additional Information

Current Election Inspectors for the City of Midland can expect e-mail notification about 75 days prior to an election to see if you are available to work. Please keep these dates on your calendar:

  • Early 2024

If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk's Office at 989-837-3310 or by e-mail.


Additional reference materials are available at the below sites. Please note that the City of Midland Clerk's Office will provide more specific certification and training prior to Election Day.

Information on and for Election Challengers and Poll Watchers

Michigan Bureau of Elections -- Training Videos