Neighborhood Watch


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Neighborhood Watch helps neighbors coordinate a team that can alert the neighborhood to criminal activity occurring within the watch area. The Midland Police Department trains members of Neighborhood Watch in how to identify suspects and report crimes.


Neighborhood Watch has the following structure:

  • Area Coordinators - Area Coordinator act as liaisons between neighborhoods and the Community Relations/ Crime Prevention Office.
  • Block Captains - Block Captains canvass their areas of responsibility and explain the Neighborhood Watch program to residents. They also secure and update names, addresses, and phone numbers of those residents who wish to be Neighborhood Watch members.
  • Telephone Tree - The telephone tree is a list of names, addresses and phone numbers of Neighborhood Watch members. This list is kept confidential and is used only for Neighborhood Watch purposes.

Information Flow

Area Coordinators will be alerted by the Community Relations/ Crime Prevention Office to criminal activity that has occurred within their watch area. The Area Coordinator will pass this information along to their Block Captains, who in turn will call members listed on the Telephone Tree. Within a very short time, an entire neighborhood can be alerted to a problem within the area.