Keeping Kids Safe


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Kid Safety Tips

Midland Police Department has provided the following helpful tips on keeping your kids safe (PDF) from suspicious activity.

The Midland Police Department offers many programs and services to help promote a safer community, including many programs aimed at keeping our children safe. For more information on what’s listed on this page, contact Community Relations Officer Paul McDonald at 989-839-4748. The Community Relations / Crime Prevention office also offers several programs and services to citizens to deny criminals the opportunity to make them a victim of crime.

Child Car Seat Inspections

The Police Department has 4 certified car seat technicians. We will check your current car seat and show you how to install it properly. Car seat checks can be scheduled by contacting Community Relations Officer Paul McDonald at 989-839-4748.

Block Parent Program

Help keep our kids safe. Get a sticker to identify your home as a safe place for kids to stop along Midland’s school routes. In cooperation with area parent and teacher organizations, the Midland Police Department meets with and screens homeowners who are interested in serving as a safe stop for kids walking to and from school. Interested parties undergo a thorough background check before their home is named a safe place for youth. Call Community Relations Officer Paul McDonald at 989-839-4748 for information on how you can sign up.

Back-to-School Safety Tips for Kids, Parents & Motorists

Learn about the ways in which you and your kids can stay safe (PDF) on Midland’s roadways. The City of Midland has trained crossing guards to work at various schools in the city.