CDBG Consolidated Plans, Action Plans & CAPER

CDBG supports a broad spectrum of challenges that impact extremely low, low, and moderate income population in our community, particularly in the area of of housing. 

In order for the City of Midland to receive CDBG funds, various levels of reporting are required. The Consolidated Plan is updated every five years and identifies the goals of the City of Midland's CDBG Program in the framework of the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development's National Objectives. 

At the annual level, the City of Midland prepares the Action Plan. Filed each year after funding decisions are made, the Action Plan identifies each program and project the City of Midland or its subrecipients will expend these federal funds. Lastly, at the close of each program year, the CAPER, or Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Plan is filed to measure and report on the progress of each project against the City's goals and the established National Objectives.

Consolidated Plans

Annual Action Plans

CAPER (Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Report)

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