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Saturday, January 21, 2023 * Midland City Forest


OriginalCardboard, duct tape and glue; just the basics. The sled shall consist of ONLY cardboard, glue, duct tape and paint or whatever is used to color the sled. No corrugated cardboard tubing, Styrofoam, cellophane, plastic, or any other type of material should be used.

Catch All: In addition to cardboard, glue, duct tape and paint, supplementary soft material items may be used to enhance the aesthetics of the sled (i.e. yarn, cellophane, egg cartons, etc.) but the majority of the sled must consist of cardboard material. Corrugated cardboard is allowed in this category.

Awards will be given out for the following winners:

  1. King of the Hill – Fastest Sled (Each Age Group and Division)
  2. Best Dressed – Best looking sled, this includes the small details (One per Age Group)
  3. School Spirit – Who was the most spirited team? Decorations don’t matter! (One per Age Group)

Registration will be allowed on the day of the event if space allows. Each team must designate a TEAM PARENT and only that parent can register the team. The team parent will register the team based on the oldest participant of the team and will add all the sled riders during the registration process. Visit the registration tent on site to register.

Rules & Regulations

Midland Parks & Recreation may amend these rules and regulations as needed.
  • All sled racers are strongly encouraged to wear helmets.
  • At least one racer must be in the sled. More than one racer can ride a sled during the race, provided all participants are inside or on top of the sled.
  • Format will be single elimination. In the event that there are not many teams in a division, it will change to double elimination.
  • Hard items that could be dangerous to you or other event participants cannot be used. The following items absolutely cannot be used: wood, glass, metal and plastics.
  • If a sled does not pass inspection or re-inspection by staff, it will not be allowed the participate or may not be allowed on the hill.
  • No more than 6 occupants will be permitted on any one sled.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your race time to check-in!
  • Racers are allowed to receive a push off at the top of the hill.
  • Sled construction shall consist of cardboard, glue and tape.
  • Teams will be categorized by the oldest participant of the team.
  • The judges have a right to remove participants from categories if they think that a sled breaks the rule of the category.
  • The pilot and all riders must have read and understand the rules and have signed a waiver.
  • The sled will need to race more than once.
  • To qualify as a finisher, all occupants must be in or on your sled rather than chasing it or being chased by it as you cross the finish line.

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