License Information

Handbill License

Handbills are printed sheets or pamphlets distributed by hand. Before attempting to pass out handbills within the Midland City Limits, you must:

  • Apply for a Handbill Distributor's License.
  • Bring a copy of the handbill you plan to distribute to the City Clerk's Office for approval.

Handbill Distributor's License Forms may be obtain in-person at the Midland City Clerk's Office.

For more on handbill distribution, refer to the handbill distribution regulations from the Midland Code of Ordinances.


Solicitor License

No person shall engage in the business of solicitor within the City of Midland without first obtaining a license from the City Clerk's Office. No such license shall be granted except upon certification of the Chief of Police. (Section 15-101) This includes all door-to-door sales (ex. books and magazines), canvassing groups (ex. Clean Water Action), gas and energy companies (ex. Direct Energy) or any other door to door sales as defined in the ordinance. (Section 15-100)

Due to the requirement for certification by the Chief of Police and the accompanying background check, this is typically a several day process. The process begins with obtaining or submitting an application at the City Clerk's Office, the application requires a recent photo (photo requirements Section 15-102(g)), and a $20 license fee for each individual engaging in soliciting. The Solicitor's License expires April 30th of each year regardless of when the license is issued. 

Exemptions: Persons engaged in soliciting on foot in the neighborhood of their residence under the direct supervision of any nonprofit, educational, fraternal, charitable or religious organization with headquarters or a local chapter in the Midland area shall be exempt from the requirements of this article. For example, this exemption would include the sale of Girl Scout cookies for a local troop. (Sec. 15-105)


Going Out of Business 

If a company within Midland's City limits is going out of business, facing bankruptcy, moving to another location, or has experienced a fire, the following license application must be completed. In addition, a separate sheet must be attached to the application that states that no more inventory will be brought into the store, or that lists the company's remaining store inventory.

More details are included on the application form. The fee for a license good for 30 days is $50. This license is renewable twice.


Miniature Pig License Form

Miniature pigs may be raised as pets within the City of Midland with an approved license and annual fee paid to the City of Midland.