M3 What's New

Changes made to M3 Interactive Map
3/18Help Menu ChangeThe Help menu changed to Help / Feedbackn/a
3/18Feedback SurveyA new feedback survey system was implementedn/a
10/17Layer AddedDrone images are now available for viewingDrone images (PNG)
5/17Layer Added
1889 Sanborn Insurance Map
1889 Sanborn Insurance Map (PNG)
5/17Software UpgradeUpgraded M3 software to version 4.8Software Upgrade (PNG)
4/17Relationship CreatedAdded relationship between address pts and tax parcelsRelated Addresses (PNG)
4/17Layer AddedHistoric Imagery added to layer list
Historic Imagery (PNG)
3/17Basemap Added1998 Imagery Basemap1998 Imagery Basemap (PNG)