Park Projects and Improvements

Our Tridge is coming along beautifully! The last of blasting is being done now. Check out her new armor!


Update 07.13.2017

The Tridge project is back in action! During the recent flood event, the Tridge sustained some minor damage when the river levels rose much quicker than anticipated and the work scaffolding pushed up against the bottom of the bridge deck. A structural engineering firm was called in to evaluate the damage and provided the City with a list of needed repairs. The repairs were made by JR Heineman, the general contractor working on the renovation project, and we are ready to move forward.

Blasting and staining of the rest of the north leg of the Tridge along with preparations for starting on the west leg of the Tridge are underway now. The project management team is still optimistic that the project will wrap up by mid-October as the flood damage was very minimal and repairs were easily made, keeping the project on schedule.

Stay tuned for project updates!!

The Tridge is getting a face-lift! Made possible by the generous support of the Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation, the City of Midland will be making the following improvements to the Tridge starting in late spring:

  • Removing the old stain and re-staining with an oil-based product
  • Replacing the original 1981 wood decking
  • Replacing railing posts and overhead cross beams
  • Replacing the arch lights with a new LED system

The work will require closures to each leg of the Tridge for several weeks at a time with the overall project timeline estimated at 22-25 weeks. Stay tuned for construction updates by visiting us here!