Neighborhood Parks

  1. Adams Park: Located adjacent to Adams Elementary School on Adams off of Jefferson
  2. Allen Park: Located on Allen, ¼ mile west of Ashman
  3. Ann M. Winger Park: Located off the end of Judith, which is off of Abbott, just south of East Ashman
  4. Birchwood Park: Located centrally between Parkwood, Farnsworth, Westbury and Foxcroft
  5. Blake Park: Located across from Stratford Woods Park on East Ashman, ¼ mile east of Waldo
  6. Briarwood Park: Located centrally between Lambros, Greenbrier Terrace, Canterbury and Lawndale
  7. Burlington Park: Located between Burlington and Plymouth Castle Park: Located on Castle off of Sugnet, just west of Jefferson
  8. Chatham Park: Located on Chatham off of East Meadowbrook
  9. Chestnut Hill Park: Located adjacent to Chestnut Hill Elementary School on Chestnut Hill off of East Sugnet
  10. Chippewassee Playground: Located adjacent to Chippewassee Elementary School on Smith
  11. Cleveland Park: Located centrally between Cleveland, Eastlawn, Maple and Bayliss
  12. Cook Playground: Located adjacent to Cook Elementary School on Perrine off of North Saginaw
  13. Crane Park: Located at the end of Crane off of Eastman, just south of St. Andrews
  14. Dartmoor Park: Located at the end of Dartmoor Place off of Nelson, ¼ mile north of Ashman
  15. Dartmouth Park: Located centrally between Dartmouth, Ronan and Wyllys
  16. Devonshire Park: Located centrally between Graham, Castle, Sinclair and Jefferson
  17. Fournie Park: Located at 806 Fournie Street, at the Corner of Patrick and Carpenter
  18. Garden Park: Located centrally between Linden and Arbor near the intersection of Sugnet and Eastman
  19. Glencoe Park: Located on Gibson off of Sturgeon, ¼ mile north of Saginaw
  20. Glenoak Park: Located centrally between Sugnet, Boston, Cambridge and Hartford
  21. Greenfield Park: Located at the end of Greenfield off of Sugnet, ¼ mile west of Washington
  22. Griese Park: Located centrally between Dina, Rapanos and Ivy
  23. Hart Park: Located on Main just south of the Currie Parkway Bridge
  24. Hillgrove Park: Located on Sugnet, ¼ mile east of Swede
  25. Hintz Park: Located on Willow, ¼ mile south of Bay City Road
  26. Huron Park: Located between Huntington and Hedgewood off of Saginaw
  27. Kaufman Park: Located centrally between Bloomfield, Brookfield, Foxcroft and Westbury
  28. Kent Park: Located between Kent and Walter Court off of Bay City Road
  29. Lalkwood Park: Located on Lalkwood off of Schade, just south of Wackerly
  30. Lincoln Park: Located on the corner of Lincoln and East Patrick, ¼ mile east of Jefferson
  31. Longacres Park: Located on St. Andrews between Boston and Dartmouth
  32. Lowell Park: Located at the end of Lowell Court off of East Sugnet, ¼ mile west of Washington
  33. Mac Park: Located at the end of Mac, off of Saginaw, just east of Eastman
  34. Manor Park: Located on Manor ¼ mile west of Saginaw
  35. Maryland Park: Located centrally between Maryland, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky
  36. Meadowbrook Park: Located at the end of Bristol off Crescent
  37. Nelson Park: Located on Nelson between Manor and West Ashman
  38. Noeske Park: Located centrally between Noeske, Manor and
  39. Nelson Oak Park: Located at the end of Oak off of Sugnet, ¼ mile east of Jefferson
  40. Ottawa Park: Located on the corner of Ottawa and East Meadowbrook, just east of Jefferson
  41. Parkdale Park: Located across from Parkdale Elementary School on the corner of Swede and Airfield
  42. Parkwood Park: Located on Colorado off of Swede, just north of East Patrick
  43. Putnam Park: Located centrally between Ellsworth, George and Cronkright
  44. Revere Park: Located near the Currie Parkway Bridge at the corner of Revere and Main
  45. River Bend Park: Located along the Tittabawassee River west of the City limits
  46. Russel Park: Located on Sylvan, ½ mile east of Eastman
  47. Shipps Family Park: Located at the division of Wheeler and Saginaw, just west of Eastman
  48. Siebert Park: Located adjacent to Siebert Elementary on Siebert
  49. St. Mary's Park: Located adjacent to Woodcrest Elementary at the corner of St. Mary's and Drake, ¼ mile north of Saginaw
  50. Sturgeon Creek Park: Located along Sturgeon Creek Parkway, ¼ mile north of Saginaw
  51. Sunset Park: Located at the end of Sherwood off of Crescent, just west of Saginaw
  52. Theis Park: Located between Bradley and Haley
  53. Towsley Dike Park: Located along the west bank of the Tittabawassee River on Towsley River
  54. Valley Park: Located south of the MidMichigan Medical Center on Sugnet, ¼ mile west of Orchard
  55. Virginia Park: Located on Virginia, off of Eastlawn, just east of Washington
  56. Wallen Park: Located centrally between Swede, Sugnet and Kentwood
  57. Washington Woods Park: Located adjacent to Washington Woods Senior Housing Complex on the corner of Washington and Cambridge
  58. Wyllys Park: Located on the corner of Airfield and Washington, just south of East Ashman
  59. Wyndemere Park: Located centrally between Meadowbrook, Castle and Linwood