Adopt-A-Park Program

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Midland Parks and Recreation has a variety of ways for you and your friends, coworkers or organization can get involved! We offer an Adopt A Park program which is a more formal program that allows you to Adopt a Park for three years. This partnership requires regular cleanings per year. If you're interested in a more casual experience, you can opt for a one-time project.

Adopt A Park

As an Adopt-A-Park Sponsor, we ask that your organization commits to a minimum of 4 cleanings per year; 1 in spring, 2 in summer and 1 in fall (but if you have made other arrangements with us, that is completely acceptable). We need to know a week before these cleanings take place so that we can prepare. Please indicate what park you are interested in adopting in the application form. The benefit to the Adopt a Park Program is a sign in your park with your organization's name. 

One-Time Project

Many groups are interested in a one-time project. In this instance we follow the same protocol as an Adopt A Park. 

Supply Kit

To thank you for volunteering with us, we have a limited number of Supply Kits available for use. These kits are a rubber tote and include rubber gloves, high-vis vests, garbage bags, rakes, etc. We will set up a time with you to pick up and return these kids prior to and after your cleanup. If you are interested in reserving one of these kits, please indicate this in your application. 

How to Apply

Adopting A Park or engaging in a one-time cleanup is easy and a great way to be a steward of your community!

  1. Apply at the link below. Parks and Recreation will follow up with you to confirm your participation. 
  2. Once we have confirmed, download the Release and Hold Harmless Agreement below.
  3. Have each member of your clean up sign a Release and Hold Harmless Form
  4. Once the cleanup is over, report back on all the trash you removed or all the good you did.
  5. Send us photos!
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Adopt A Park Forms