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 2015-2020 DDA Long Range Strategic Plan

Long Range Strategic Plan



On November 11, 2015, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) held its annual strategic planning session and identified streetscape redevelopent as a high priority for its 2016 plan of work.

The City’s primary goal for this plan is to evaluate design options and provide base conceptual engineering plans for the redesign and reconstruction of Main Street. The Downtown Development Authority has broadened this original and still primary goal to review all streets and streetscapes in the DDA. The final plan is expected to provide conceptual engineering plans for Main Street, together with one or more conceptual engineering plans for all other streets, in the DDA.  The city has no immediate preference for whether this Plan is presented on an individual street basis or on a street hierarchical basis.

Considerations to be given during the design process will include road design, sidewalk treatments, landscaping, electrical service, lighting, irrigation lines, and others.  The inclusion of festival streets will need to be given consideration in the course of evaluating design options.  

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June 5, 2017 - Phase 1 Construction Begins

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Downtown Streetscape Plan Board
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Parking and Sidewalk - Aesthetics

2016 Streetscape Redevelopment Committee


Purpose of Committee:

  • Determine scope of the 2016 Downtown Midland Streetscape Redevelopment project
  • Develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) to secure a qualified planner for the project
  • Evaluate the RFPs and recommend to the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) board on hiring a planner consultant
  • Work with the planner consultant to gather public input
  • Work with the planner consultant to develop a proposed concept be recommended to the DDA

Committee Members:

  • Robert Rathbun – Chair:  DDA board member, representing Chemical Bank, downtown business/property owner
  • Bill Allen – representing the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce/Midland Tomorrow
  • Bobbie Arnold – DDA board member
  • Bo Brines – DDA board member, downtown business and property owner
  • Steve Bush – downtown business and property owner
  • Scott Coyer – Midland Downtown Business Association president, downtown business owner
  • David Kell – DDA board member
  • Stephanie Richardson – downtown horticulturist/City of Midland
  • Peter Shaheen – developer, downtown property owner