Grace A. Dow Memorial Library
Internet Acceptable Use Policy

The Grace A. Dow Memorial Library offers access to the Internet which provides information of all varieties. The Internet expands the resources that the library can offer the community that otherwise may not be available. The Internet is unregulated and does allow access to information that may be out-of-date, inaccurate, offensive, or illegal.

A. Users of the Public Access Internet computers agree to follow the Acceptable Use Policy of the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library.

B. The Grace A. Dow Memorial Library assumes no responsibility, direct or indirect, for damages arising from the use of its Internet connection.

C. The Grace A. Dow Memorial Library cannot guarantee privacy of transactions conducted via the Internet. The Staff of the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library are subject to confidentiality laws; however, some information may remain on the terminals after use. Patrons are responsible for clearing the history browser when they end their session.

D. The Grace A. Dow Memorial Library has no control of the Internet nor of any resources found in it. The library assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, quality or reliability of any Internet resource.

E. The Grace A. Dow Memorial Library does comply with the "Michigan Library Privacy Act" by providing filtered access for children in order to restrict them from viewing obscene materials or sexually explicit materials that might be harmful to minors*. Children under 18 years of age may only use unfiltered computers when a parent or a legal guardian accompanies them.

F. Because minor children may gain unfiltered access to the Internet by purposefully avoiding established library procedures, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for monitoring Internet use by their children.

G. The computers may not be used for illegal or criminal purposes. Copyright and licensing restrictions shall be followed. Users shall not develop or use programs that would alter or damage the computer or systems network.

H. Patrons must be aware that images or text displayed on the Internet computers' screens may be inadvertently viewed by other patrons in the course of their normal business at the library. Because exposing unwilling patrons or staff to sexually explicit images or text can be interpreted as sexual harassment, the library reserves the right to ask patrons to clear the screen of such images or text. The librarian on duty will determine whether any images or text should be removed. Intentionally or unintentionally causing any library staff or patrons to view sexually explicit images or text will be considered sexual harassment and is a violation of the City of Midland's sexual harassment policy which may cause a suspension of library use or legal prosecution.

I. The Grace A. Dow Memorial Library may restrict or ban a patron's use of the public access Internet terminals of the library if the patron violates any of these guidelines.

J. The Acceptable Use Policy will be reviewed as necessary by library staff.

Reference: Library Privacy Act, MCLA 397.601, * Michigan Act 33 of 1978

Updated 7/15