Resources on the Web

  1. Affordable Care Act

    Get information on the Affordable Care Act.

  2. Basic Computer Skills

    Learn basic computer skills.

  3. Best Books of 2013

    View lists of the top-selling and highest rated books 2014.

  4. Business Research

    Obtain information on starting and running a small business.

  5. Civil War Sesquicentennial

    Browse information about the Civil War Sesquicentennial.

  6. Consumer Information

    Obtain useful consumer information.

  7. Databases

    Peruse a list of databases accessible online or through the library.

  8. Election Information

    Links to information about city, county, state, and national elections

  9. Employment

    Find and apply for open positions, and get resources for resumes and interviews.

  10. Genealogy

    Research your family history.

  11. Health & Wellness

    Browse resources for health and wellness.

  1. Higher Education

    Obtain information about higher education.

  2. Housing

    Get resources and information about housing.

  3. Online Newspapers

    Retrieve newspapers archived online and by the library.

  4. Online Learning

    Links to Online Learning sites.

  5. Personal Finance

    Read about how to plan your finances.

  6. Reader's Resources

    Learn about resources for book lovers.

  7. Self-Help Law

    Browse information about self-help legal resources.

  8. Statistics & Demographics

    See statistics and demographics for businesses and economics.

  9. Travel Resources

    Browse resources for traveling.

  10. Tax Computer