To receive training as an MCTV Access User, you must be a resident of the City or County of Midland or work for a non-profit organization in the City or County of Midland. Training costs $20.


Join us in the exciting world of public access television – sign up for training on how to create your own TV show.

Trainees receive an overview of what MCTV is and how Midland area citizens can utilize MCTV to inform, educate, and enlighten. Orientation includes a review of the rules and regulations that all access users must follow. Studio training class gives new access users the opportunity to gain “hands on” experience on how to operate studio equipment.

Register for Training

To sign up for Access User Training, call 989-837-3474 or stop by the MCTV offices, located on the lower level of the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library. Cost for training at MCTV is $20. Orientation / Studio training must be taken before HD Cam Training. After successful completion of the class and payment of an annual $25 user fee, a new access user is eligible to produce / direct their own studio show.

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You must be a resident of the City of Midland or Midland County or work for a non-profit in the City / county to take a training class. DVCam / Editing classes break for 1 hour for lunch.

MCTV requires a $25 membership fee for use of equipment, message board, and facility. The membership is good for 1 year.