Cemetery Mapping

Cemetery Project
 Beginning in the spring of 2016. A project to convert all of the old hand drawn cemetery maps into a digital format kicked off. Meetings between the City Clerk, Cemetery, and GIS staff were held to identify all of the features and attributes that should be collected. 

The project began by having GIS staff digitize all of the existing paper maps kept by the City Clerk’s office. This process involved creating over 35,000 lots and spaces. They also captured utility lines, trees and other kinds of vegetation

Once the digitizing portion was complete. GIS interns were sent into the field to take pictures of each grave marker and verify data that was digitized. Each field worker was outfitted with a tablet and air card. Custom field collection software was created and utilized to stream line the data collection process. 
The field work took 3 months to complete.

Back in the office the new digital cemetery data was joined with existing tabular data to help identify any areas that needed additional work.